Dockure is the one stop shop for all of your Docker needs

Dockure allows for developers to easily monitor their containers, while completely revolutionizing the way containers are managed. Gone are the days where long winded commands are run in the terminal. Dockure provides developers with an easy to use UI that will allow them to monitor in real time the health of their running containers and the ability to start, stop, delete, or create new containers all with the click of a button.

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A healthy container is
a happy container!

Dockure allows you to see when things go wrong.
You can track any memory spike or CPU changes in the last 24 hours.
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Container Management

Start, Stop, Delete, and Create New Docker Containers With The Click Of A Button

View Local Images and Pull Images From DockerHub

Simplified Image Viewer With The Ability To Pull Down Any Necessary Images Directly From Docker Hub

Metric Monitoring

CPU And Memory Metric Monitoring Make It Easy To Spot Spikes and Leaks

Create Custom Images

Create Custom YAML and Docker Files On The Fly In Dockure

Make Your Life Easier With Dockure

Update your toolbox with Dockure,
the only Docker solution that houses everything you need for Docker development